Yoga Sutra : Sadhana Pada | योगसूत्र : साधनपदः

The Patanjali's Yog Sutra provide terse treatment to the complex subject of Yoga and seamlessly covers aspects such as types of yoga, practice of yoga, powers of yoga and the ultimate aim or result of yoga. In all, Yog Sutra comprises of 195 aphorisms divided into 4 chapters or Pada. In 55 sutras, the Sadhana Pada establishes the aim of yoga as being the control of the chitta vrittis (thought processes) to attain the highest union or 'yoga'. It prescribes the practice of Karma and Ashtanga Yoga as a means of achieving this union. This Pada identifies ignorance (avidya) and other obstacles to meditation as a major cause of our inability to naturally merge with the Absolute, and to this end it advices the eradication of all such kleshas by practicing the eight limbs of yoga and benefiting from their advantages.
Sadhana Pada, having 55 sutras (aphorisms) in Sanskrit, Sanskrit transliteration with English translation are explained here.

TAPAH - asceticism; austerity
SVAADHAYAAYA - self-study; study which leads to the knowledge of the self through Japa
EESHVARAPRANIDHAANAANI - (and) self-surrender, or resignation to God
KRIYAAYOGA - preliminary (practical) Yoga.

Austerity, self-study and resignation to Ishvara constitute preliminary Yoga.

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