Yoga Sutra : Samadhi Pada I योगसूत्र : समाधिपदः

The Patanjali's Yog Sutra, comprising 195 aphorisms divided into 4 chapters or Pada, provide terse treatment to the complex subject of Yoga and seamlessly covers aspects such as types of yoga, practice of yoga, powers of yoga and the ultimate aim or result of yoga. Yog Sutra The first chapter, which is composed of 51 sutras, contemplates on the absolute true consciousness or Isvara and delineates the problems an individual soul is likely to face in its quest to merge with this Divine Soul.
Samadhi Pada begins with an understanding of human thought processes or vrittis, which deter us from realizing our true selves. The Samadhi Pada advises the restraint of such natural workings of the mind and discusses the problems encountered while trying to harness it. Then begins an elucidation of Isvara, the supreme consciousness and the various gradations of samadhis (a self-absorbed, detached state of being) one could enter into for attaining that highest level of spiritual awareness. Here again, the possible mental distractions are clearly stated and the best methods of conquering these impediments are also discussed.
Samadhi Pada, having 51 sutras (aphorisms) in Sanskrit, Sanskrit transliteration with English translation are explained here. click the Sutra to display or hide description:

ATHA - now; herewith
YOGA - yog
ANUSHAASANAM - expounding; exposition (teaching)

Herewith an exposition of the principle and practice of Yoga.

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