Yog Sutra : Kaivalya Pada | योगसूत्र : कैवल्यपदः

The Patanjali's Yog Sutra, comprising 195 aphorisms divided into 4 chapters or Pada, provide terse treatment to the complex subject of Yoga and seamlessly covers aspects such as types of yoga, practice of yoga, powers of yoga and the ultimate aim or result of yoga. Kaivalya, which is the ultimate goal of yoga, means solitariness or detachment. The 34 sutras of the fourth chapter deals with impressions left by our endless cycles of birth and the rationale behind the necessity of erasing such impressions. It portrays the yogi, who has attained kaivalya, as an entity who has gained independence from all bondages and achieved the absolute true consciousness or ritambhara prajna described in the Samadhi Pada. Kaivalya Pada, having 34 sutras (aphorisms) in Sanskrit, Sanskrit transliteration with English translation are explained here. click the Sutra to display or hide description:

JANAM - birth
AUSHADHI - drugs
MANTRA - incantation; a group of words whose constant repetition produces specific results
TAPAH - austerities; purificatory actions; penance
SAMAADHI - trance
JAAH - born of; are the result of
SIDDHIYAH - attainments; occult powers.

The Siddhis are the result of birth; drugs, Mantras, austerities or Samaadhi.

॥ इति पतञ्जलि विरचिते योगसूत्रे चतुर्थः कैवल्यपादः ॥ 

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