Yoga Asanas for curing Weak sexual Power

Yoga considers sex an ordinary function of life just like many other functions which are necessary to maintain an affectionate relationship and also necessary for the persistence of human race on earth. There are many yoga asanas which can be used to increase ones sexual powers and also sexual desires. Yogis also advise one to follow the path of yoga as it rectifies the body and also relieves stress along with increasing ones stamina and potential. Yoga help one to relieve their anxiety and thus remain fresh and active for a longer time. It also results in enhancing energy levels along with stamina. When one seeks deeper knowledge of yoga, we also find different positions of sex which can’t be performed with a flabby and non fit body. Asanas given below when combined with the normal life not only help one boost the sexual life but also the normal life of the person. It’s because yoga never cures any diseases it cures the body and thus knowing or unknowingly we improve. It cures the body at two levels, the physical level and the mental level.

Yoga Asanas for curing Weak sexual Power

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(The Cobra Pose)
(The Wheel Pose)
(The Eagle Pose)
(The Turned Side Angle Pose)
(The Shoulder Stand Pose)
(The Headstand)

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