Meditation : Experiencing The Gap Between Two Breaths

This method is from The Book of Secrets , Osho's talks on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. This technique is about using breath to calm the mind and for centering the energy. By practicing it regularly, you can find gaps between incoming and outgoing breaths which is the door to witnessing.
Sutra: This experience may dawn between two breaths. After breath comes in (down) and just before turning up (out) - the beneficence.

The method:

Sit in a relaxed position and start watching your breath when it touches your nostrils, feel it there. Then let the breath move in. Move with the breath fully consciously. When you are going down... down...down with the breath, do not miss the breath. Do not go ahead and do not follow behind, just go with it. Only then will it be possible to get the point which is between two breaths.
After breath comes in - that is, down - and just before turning out - that is, going up - be aware between these two points, and the happening. When your breath comes in, observe. For a single moment, there is no breathing . One breath comes in; then there is a certain point and breathing stops. Then the breathing goes out. When the breath goes out, then again for a single moment, or a part of a moment, breathing stops.
So with each breath you are dying and being reborn. The gap between the two is of a very short duration, but keen, sincere observation and attention will make you feel the gap. If you can feel the gap, you have got a glimpse of the witness, the sakshi within you. With practice you can expand the gap and experience profound silence.

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