Yoga Asanas for curing Frigidity and Sterility

The regular and determined practice of Yoga helps in preserving and expanding physical and mental faculties. It slows down the ageing process and helps you remain strong and active, right up to old age. Yogasanas are quite effective in the treatment of frigidity and sterility. Yoga asanas can improve mental conditions. It can treat mental fatigue, boost confidence and improve positive attitude. One can reduce stress and tension with regular practice of Yogasanas. Yogasanas are extremely helpful in improving blood circulation in the body and restoring vital energy in the body.

Yoga Asanas for curing Frigidity and Sterility

Click the 'Title of the Pose/Asana' for Detailed Description;

(The Cobra Pose)
(The Fish Pose)
(The Turned Side Angle Pose)
(The Shoulder Stand Pose)
(The Headstand)
(The Thundbolt or Diamond Pose)

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