Power Yoga for Belly Fat Reduction

Power Yoga helps in  losing  belly fat fast and thus in weight reduction. Power yoga has several fast moving poses and these combined with breathing techniques result in weight loss. 

Yoga for Belly Fat Reduction:

There are several exercises which are specifically for reducing fat from belly, among them yoga is more effective and can be practiced by any healthy person. But it is important to understand that in order to eliminate the belly fat, it is necessary to focus on nutrition as this is as much as 70% of the result. Regular practice  yoga poses given below will help in getting fast and best results.
  1. Pavan-Muktasana ; Wind Releasing Pose:
    • Lie down on the floor on your back. Lift your right leg in upward direction at an angle of 90 degree. Fold your right leg from your knee and place it on your stomach. Press your leg firmly against your stomach. Hold it with your hands and press it. Release. Repeat the same with left leg too. One can even practice this pose with both the legs at the same time. This is a great power yoga pose for losing fat from the abdominal region and stomach.
  2. Bhujangasana; The Cobra Pose: 
    • Lie down on the floor on your belly, palms placed on the floor besides your chest. Lift your upper body up, chest off the floor. Bend backwards as much as you can. Look upwards. Remain steady for some time and release. Cobra pose is a great posture to strengthen the abdominal muscles and to reduce belly pooch.
  3. Dhanurasana; The Bow Pose:
    • Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Bend your legs from your knees and lift up your legs from behind. Arch your back and try to hold your legs with your hands. Remain steady for some time and then release. Relax. Bow pose is the best postures to strengthen the abdominal muscles and a great yoga activity for toning and losing extra fat from your belly.  
  4. Naukasana; The Boat Pose:
    • Lie down on a mat in supine position legs together and stretched, arms to your sides facing down. On inhalation, start raising your legs without bending at the knees.  Stretch your foot and your toes outward. Raise the legs as high as possible. Now raise both arms keeping them straight, attempting to reach towards your toes. Attempt to bring your body as close to 45 degree angle. Breathe normally. Hold this pose at least 15 seconds. Gently exhale as you release. Repeat this for at least 5 rounds with relaxation for 15 secs after each round. This pose is excellent for fighting fat around the waist and it is very good for the stomach as well as strengthening the back and leg muscles.
  5. Kumbhakasana; Plank:
    • Begin on your hands and knees rest directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Tug your toes under and step the feet back one at a time, extending legs behind you. Inhale and look slightly ahead of your palms so that your neck is aligned with spine. Hold your abdominal muscles in. Your body should form a straight line from heels to the head. Make you’re your hands are flat and fingers are spread. Hold this posture for 15-30 sec or longer for better results.  Release the pose by dropping the knees to the floor on exhalation.  If you have back or shoulder injuries or have high blood pressure avoid doing this pose. Repeat this for at least 5 rounds with relaxation for 15 secs after each round. This is the simplest yet most effective pose in yoga to eliminate belly fat. Not only it reduce belly but it strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

Yogic Diet for Belly Fat Reduction:

A yogic diet is considered an essential part of the practice of yoga. Such a diet will help you to benefit fully from doing yoga regularly. It is important to have a well balanced diet and always eat in moderation. A diet usually brings to mind boring food which is often considered unpalatable. However, it is possible to cook healthy food in a tasty manner as well. Eating a proper and healthy diet is what is essential and required for a yoga diet as well. A yoga diet coupled with yoga postures will result in weight loss. The main principle of a yogic diet is to increase the intake of fruit and vegetables and ultimately shifting to a vegetarian diet.

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