Osho Mandala Meditation

A powerful meditation technique that creates a circle of energy for natural centering. Every circle contains a center. In the first three stages of this energetic and powerful technique “centering” is the aim, through the creation of a circle of energy. Then, in the fourth stage, the relaxation.
“The mind is a mandala, a circle. If you watch, you become aware of the vicious circle of the mind. Again and again it brings the same emotions – the same anger, the same hatred, the same greed, the same ego. And you are just a victim. Becoming aware of the mind, you break the circle, you are no more identified with the mind.” Osho


1st Stage 15 minutes

With eyes wide open start running on the spot. Bring your knees up as high as possible. Start slowly and gradually and then become faster and faster. Breath into your belly and allow the breath to go deeper and deeper. Be total and keep running!

2nd Stage 15 minutes

With eyes closed sit on the floor and cross your legs. Feel the ground below you, then start letting your upper body pivot from the navel in all directions back and forth, left and right and around and around, like a reed swaying in the wind. This will center your energy at the navel.

3rd Stage 15 minutes

With eyes open lie down on the floor. Relax the jaw and neck and let your mouth drop open, with breath soft and even.Then rotate your eyeballs in their sockets as if following the fastmoving hand on a giant clock above you. Let your eyes circle around widely and smoothly. This will bring a centered clarity to the third eye.

4th Stage 15 minutes

Close your eyes, lie down and be still.

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