Swami Ramdev's Recepi for Weight Loss: Eat Well, Live Well

Obesity is a curse that brings along with it many other disorders and deformities into the human the body rendering illness and disease onto the body.
Baba Ramdev’s weight loss recipe is as follows;
  1. Eat green vegetables.
  2. Eat lots and lots of salads
  3. Eat pulses and sprouts.
  4. One must have to eat 2 times a day only.
  5. If one feels hungry eat salad, fruits and fruit juices.
  6. Avoid as much as fried eatables as allo paranthas, or pakoras, any dish that has been prepared of allo, lady finger. Etc.
  7. One must also avoid butter, paneer, and lots of ghee. Etc.
  8. Try to eat vegetable the most as Gheiya, Loki, Kaddu, Tinda and Torey etc.
  9. Also go onto practice Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Bharamari, Baharya etc.
  10. One has to avoid consuming too much of sugar.
  11. Avoid drinking soft or carbonated drinks as Coke, Pepsi, etc. but instead going on for lemonade when feeling thirst. And can also be consumed regularly.
  12. One should also go on to avoid consuming too much salt either as it helps the body in retaining up water.
  13. Perform Kapalbhati empty stomach.
  14. Avoid fried foods as chips, snacks that are fried deeply in oil or ghee.
  15. Do not eat too much of roti’s while having your meals. One must eat one chapatti less than as much required to fill stomach.
  16. Do cycling even in actual as well as in lying down position on the back.
  17. Eat lots of salads before eating dinner or lunch etc. since this goes on to fill your stomach and would allow you to eat less amount of chapattis.

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