Yoga Exercise for Reducing Tension in Eyes

With the  advancement  in technology, we have been spending time in Computer, Laptops, I-Pads, I-Phones, Smart-Phones  Eye related tiredness or tension increases eye related problem. Any work, which causes much strain on the eyes – like reading, writing for longer period and driving a car could be the reason. The symptoms include eye irritation or dryness, tiredness feeling on opening the eyes, pain in eyes, dimness, headache, dual vision.  In some cases, the tiredness could reduce our concentration and productivity. This could also influence our vision capability.This syndrome is called computer vision syndrome
Normally a human being blinks eyes 18 times per minute and feel fresh following it but studies say that whenever a person works on computer or digital devise,he blinks eyes half of it. As a result, dryness, tiredness, itching and inflammation are the common problems.

Useful Yogic Activities

  1. Palming:  Rub both the stable palms of the hand so that they become warm following which keep them over the eyes in the form of a cup so that both eyes are covered.
  2. Contraction and relaxation : If you do not have glaucoma, you can try this experiment. Close the eyes, as strongly as you can. Do this contraction for 3 seconds and then open the eyes. 
  3. Eye-Sailing: Take eyes upwards, then downwards as much as you can. Then take them to left and right to the extreme. Repeat the procedure four times. To give relief to the muscles of the eyes, blink them fast. Keep the pace of the breathing normal during entire procedure.
  4. Yog Nidra: Relax the body and exercise `Shavasan`. Take deep and long breath and release them. Later, put your attention on the right leg and feel that it is being relaxed. Likewise, put your attention to the right ankle, thigh, hips and feel that these muscles are being lax. Now feel the same for your left leg and repeat the process. Likewise, focus the attention on the other parts of the body like l stomach, belly button, waist, left and right shoulders, left and right arms, neck and brain and then relax them.Take deep and long breath and feel the sensitivity in the body. Likewise, relax; the entire body. Now slowly get alerted about the environment and the body and lay on right side. After sometime get-up and open the eye slowly according to your convenience.
  5. Common vision: With one smile, relax the eyes(smile with eyes and not face or lips). Relax the eyes completely, What and how eyes see, don’t try to influence it. As the eyes get relaxed, the mind also gets quiet. Smile by eyes and with the smile, relax the face and feel that this smile has spread in your entire body. Don’t focus attention at any place and be attentive about it. Also looking at three dimension pictures is also a good exercise, which helps in relaxing the eyes. With the yoga exercise and bring change in the life style, we could give relief to the eyes and make them healthy and we could conduct every important activity properly.

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