Yoga Asanas to Increase Height

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise designed for physical and mental enrichment. Today it is used across the world for various aims and has been known to give excellent results. Children generally reach their maximum height till the late stage of their adolescence period. As far as increasing height is concerned, it depends upon various genetic and environmental factors. However it is possible to gain a few inches even after adolescence by practicing yoga. Yoga provides energy to all parts of the body and thus places the body at ease. It is beneficial for the overall health and well-being of the body. Yoga affects your height indirectly by correcting your body posture, such that your body utilizes all the energy and grows in height. Here are few Yoga exercises that will help you deal increase your height

Yoga Asanas to Increase Height

Click the 'Title of the Pose/Asana' for Detailed Description;

(The Sun Salutation Pose)
(The Shoulder Stand Pose)
(The Headstand)
(The Palm Tree Pose)
( The Triangle Pose)
(The Hand Foot Big Toe Pose)

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