Yoga Asanas for curing Piles and Fistula

Piles or piles disease, also known as hemorrhoids, is a condition caused by the swelling and inflammation of the veins present around the anus. Although this condition is not normally life threatening or serious, a lot of pain will be caused which can be become a problem. There are basically two kinds of piles, internal and external, which are differentiated based on their location to the dentate line. External piles are considered to be more painful than internal piles because of the sensitivity of the skin around them.
Practicing some yoga asanas for piles is considered to be effective for the treatment of piles. Some of the effective yoga asanas for hemorrhoids are listed below. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, these yoga poses should be performed on a regular basis, otherwise they will not be as effective.

Yoga Asanas for curing Piles and Fistula

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(The Cow Face Pose)
(The Wind Relieving Pose)
(The Corpse Pose)
(The Accomplished or Adept Pose)
(The Raised Leg Pose)
(The Thundbolt or Diamond Pose)

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