Stretch Exercises for Computer Users

Sitting in front of computer for hours whether it is for your office work or you are playing games may cause muscle strain, tension or many other health issues including back pain, wrist, neck and shoulder related problems. Take a short stretch break 30 minutes or so. And remember the 20/20 rule. Take your eyes off of your computer screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Focus on an object far from the computer screen.
You should do these 10 exercises everyday to avoid these health related issues if you used to spent most of your time in front of computer screen by seating idle.

Exercise 1:  Stretching Hands in Front: 

You can do this by seating on your chair. Cross fingers of your both hands, lift your hand in front of your shoulders in 180 degrees. Feel the stress in both arms. Do it for 10-20 seconds for two times.

Exercise 2:  Lift one Hand Up and one Down: 

Lift one of your hand up and one down, as shown in the picture below and hold the position for 8-10 seconds and reverse it for other arms too.

Exercise 3:  Sitting Side Stretch: 

Put your left leg on right as shown in the picture below. Hold the left knee with right hand and rotate your head, neck and shoulders in anticlockwise direction so that you could see the back of your chair, hold it for 5-8 seconds and release. Do the same for other side too.

Exercise 4: Waist Exercise on Chair:

Sit straight and hold your waist with both hands and push it little forward and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Refer the image below to do it properly. Repeat this two times.

Exercise 5: Hand Stretching Upward:

Stand up from your chair. Cross fingers of and do a stretch by holding your hand above your head as shown in the sketch below:

Exercise 6: Standing Side Stretch:

Hold your right hand elbow with your left hand and slowly bend at the waist to left side until you feel a mild stretch in your back by pulling elbow to right, to understand batter refer the sketch below. Do the same thing for other side too.

Exercise 7: Neck Stretch:

Stretch your neck left and right for 4-8 seconds each side. Repeat it for 3-4 times.

Exercise 8: Wrist Stretch Exercise:

Join your palms as doing prayer. Raise your elbows until you feel the stretch in the palm side of forearm hold it for 4-6 seconds. Do it also by lowering your hands down as given in the second picture below.

Exercise 9: Shoulder Exercise:

Push your shoulders up and hold it for 4-6 seconds and release. Repeat it for 4-6 times.

Exercise 10: Relax Exercise for Hands:

Make loose your hands, feel them relaxed and tremble for 4-6 seconds. Repeat it for 3-4 times.
As you have seen, these stretch exercises are very simple and easy to do. So, never forget to spend some time daily to do these exercise to avoid various health issues.
The key to stretching is to be relaxed while you concentrate on the area being stretched. Your breathing should be slow, deep and rhythmic. If you do these exercises regularly you should notice greater flexibility over time.

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