Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Stomach Ailments (Udar Rogon Ke Liye)

There are various causes of stomach ailments like improper eating habits, smoking etc. However, regular yoga practice can prove very beneficial for coping with stomach problems.
It is fairly common these days to suffer from digestive problems or stomach ailments. The ever rising stress levels in our lives are the cause of this. Constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, acid reflux, gas and so on can all be treated by practicing yoga. Yoga can help to treat stomach ailments to a certain extent.
Causes of Stomach Ailments
Here are some of the common causes of stomach ailments.
  • Rich spicy diet
  • Wrong diet that is, eating more chilies or fried food items
  • Over eating
  • Less consumption of milk, curd, fruits and green vegetables
  • Odd or irregular eating hours
  • Excess intake of certain food items like tea, coffee
  • Specific medicines
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking.

Yoga Asanas which are beneficial for coping with Stomach Ailments.

(The Cobra Pose)
(The Bow Pose)
(The Cow Face Pose)
(The Hand Foot Big Toe Pose)
(The Turned Side Angle Pose)
(The Locust or Grasshopper Posture)
(The Corpse Pose)
(The Sun Salutation Pose)
(The Thundbolt or Diamond Pose)
(The Raised Leg Pose)
(The Half Shoulderstand)

Pranayamas for Stomach Ailments 

Pranyamas  which are beneficial for coping with stomach ailments.

Along with all these asanas, practicing concentration and medication are also very helpful. It is good to sit in vajrasana for ten to fifteen minutes after every meal. This helps strengthen digestive system and eradicates the main cause of acidity.
Pranayama is extremely helpful in perfecting digestion process. This is mainly because it relaxes the organs in the stomach and the organs receive adequate blood. Oxygen helps organs to function properly and helps in the healing process as well.

Watch Swami Ramdev Video on Yoga for stomach Ailments

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