Naukasana : Boat Pose

Nauka" means "boat" in Sanskrit. The final position of this asana resembles a boat. Hence the name.

Naukasana : Boat Pose - Detailed Description

  1. Lie flat on the back keeping legs together and arms by the side of the body.
  2. Take a deep breath and hold it in while raising head, shoulders, arms, trunk and legs simultaneously from the ground.
  3. Keep the arms in line with the toes and at the same level of toes. Keep the arms straight with the palms down. Look towards the toes.
  4. Remain stable in the position while holding the breath for a minimum of 5 seconds or more, if possible.
  5. Return to the ground slowly as you exhale.
  6. Relax the whole body and take 3-5 long and deep breaths.
  • Stimulates the functioning of the digestive system.
  • Rectifies nervous disorders therefore improves the functioning of nervous system.
  • Helpful in toning all the organs and removes lethargy.
  • Improves the whole body structure thus effective in curing navel displacement
  • Maintains the sugar level in the body therefore good for diabetes.
  • Improves the state of hormonal imbalance in the body.
  • Enhance blood circulation in the body.
  • Improves the functioning of liver, lungs, kidneys and pancreas.
  • Eliminates stress, tension and anxiety, thus gives deep relaxation and restores freshness.
  • Beneficial for people having hernia though they must first consult with their doctor.
Tips and Help:
  • You can either increase the length of holding or the frequency of repetition. If you want to lose weight with yoga poses, you can repeat Naukasana more frequently and it will burn extra fat from your belly and thighs.

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