Know Yourself

Today people generally live their lives asleep, are unconscious of themselves, and accordingly behave like machines, subject to outside causes and pressures. The people of the past generation lived in more suitable outer conditions and at higher inner levels than the people today.
If the mind, which is the instrument of knowledge and is the basis of all activity, subsides, the perception of the world as an objective reality ceases. Unless the illusory perception of the serpent in the rope ceases, the rope on which the illusion is formed is not perceived as such.
Even so, unless the illusory nature of the perception of the world as an objective reality ceases, the vision of the true nature of the Self, on which the illusion is formed, is not obtained.So let's awake and know and understand ourself.
In a state of deep happiness the thinking process stops or almost stops, and there are no thoughts. There is inner silence of the mind, inner peace, and worries and problems are forgotten for a little while.
If you examine the state of your mind when in deep happiness, you will discover that the sense of happiness and bliss is experienced on a background of inner peace and inner silence.
True happiness is not brought about by external circumstances, events, objects or people, though they often trigger the sense of happiness or indirectly bring it about. They might make it easier for happiness and bliss to emerge, but happiness and bliss actually come from the inside, when certain factors are present.
Happiness and bliss are always here, but covered by thoughts, desires and fears. They are part of the real you. When thoughts, desires or fears disappear, happiness and bliss emerge. When you experience success, love or any positive outcome, worries and problems drop away temporarily, allowing the happiness and bliss within you to emerge into your consciousness.
Through meditation, concentration and developing the ability to calm down or silence the mind at will, one can remove the obstacles to happiness and bliss, and can experience them more often and independently of circumstances and situations, at any time and place.

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