Hasta Pada Angusta Asana : The Hand Foot Big Toe Pose

The Sanskrit word hasta means hand, pada means foot, and angusta means big toe therefore this is the hand-foot-big toe posture. 

Hasta Pada Angusta Asana : The Hand Foot Big Toe Pose - Detailed Description

""Asanas (postures) make one firm, free from maladies and light of limb." The Hatha-yoga-pradipika I.17
"Posture should be steady and comfortable. By relaxation of effort and meditation on the "Endless" (ananta) posture is mastered."Patanjali's Yoga-sutra II.46-47"
  1. Sit on the floor with the legs together and extended straight out in front. Keep the back straight, shoulders level and head straight. Place the hands, palms down, flat on top of the thighs. Spread the legs as far apart as possible without bending the knees.
  2. Bend the left knee and place the bottom of the left foot against the inner left thigh. Bring the left heel as close to the perineum as possible. Keep the left knee on the floor.
  3. Stretch both arms straight out in front of you, then keeping the back straight turn slowly at the waist toward the right aligning the arms with the right leg.
  4. Inhale slowly while raising the arms over the head and arching the back.
  5. Exhale and slowly while bending forward bringing the chest down to the right thigh. Clasp the big toe of the right foot with the first finger of both hands. Hold this position for the duration of the exhaled breath.
  6. Inhale slowly through the nostrils releasing the posture while sitting up straight.
  7. Straighten the left leg and return to the seated position described in step 2 then repeat the posture, this time bending the right leg.
  • Relaxes the muscles of the ankles and toes.
  • Brings steadiness of mind and serenity.
  • The hasta-pada-angusta-asana benefits in spinal stretch, abdominal toning, gastro-intestinal stimulation.
  • Rectifies flat feet.
  • In this posture the spermatic duct that carries the semen is pressed and thereby the flow of semen outside is checked.This enables one to lead a celebrate life.
Tips and Help:
  • Hold the hala-asana for as long as you are comfortable. 20-30 seconds is fine for early attempts, increase the time gradually as you become more comfortable.

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