Yoga Styles

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and way of life, where complete harmony between our body and mind is achieved by special exercise (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama) and meditation.
There are a lot of Yoga Types recognized up until today. Most popular styles of Yoga practiced over the world are listed below. Each has characteristics and style.
  1. Anusara Yoga : This Yoga type emphasise to be aware with your alignment and the inner energy as the gift from the nature. Every practice is usually begins with an invocation. The practice of this yoga can be gentle or vigorous  but both have a friendly atmosphere. 
  2. Ashtanga Yoga:  All the poses are done quite fast in a sequence combined with the breathing techniques. A lot of stamina is needed since the practising it is very challenging but the good news is you can practice to build up your strength. 
  3. Bikram / Hot Yoga : From the name, it is clear that  yoga exercise is done  in a hot room with temperature around 106 degrees and 40 % humidity. Usually  sequences of 26 yoga poses are done. The hot temperature will help you to stretch your muscle easily and cleanse toxic from your body by sweating a lot which is believed as the output of the toxic. 
  4. Hatha Yoga : It is one of the well-known yoga types that can easily found in many yoga centers. This is the most recommended yoga type for beginners since all the yoga poses are done gently. It is also believed as the center of all derivation of yoga styles. 
  5. Integral Yoga :  If you have physical abilities, this class is suitable with you as you will do the gentle movements. Besides, the class has a combination of chanting, mantra, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation which is good for those who are looking for spiritual practice.
  6. Iyengar Yoga : This class focuses on by concerning the alignment of your body when doing yoga poses since it is believed can heal the physical ailments. Therefore, you will get a detailed instruction in each pose. Moreover, you have to hold your poses for a bit longer time but don’t worry since you may use some of yoga props such as blocks, belts, or straps which is the typical of this yoga type. 
  7. Jivamukti Yoga : This style of yoga combines asanas with spiritual practice such as mantras, chanting, and also meditation. Moreover, the yogis are expected to apply the spiritual comprehension in their daily life for example being vegetarians. 
  8. Kripalu Yoga : Basically, kripalu yoga class has the same character with integral yoga’s. It is intended for people with physical limitation or those who are looking for deep serenity since the concept is all about meditation even in motion. 
  9. Kundalini Yoga : You will do kriyas or sequences in a repetition even for a simple movement such as waving the arms. Moreover, the class is also consisting of chanting or mantras. The class can be vigorous to push your comfort limits.
  10. Power Yoga : If you have advanced your yoga level, so why don’t you try this style of yoga which is a derivation of ashtanga yoga. The class is very intense by doing some advanced poses and you should hold it for long duration. 
  11. Sivananda Yoga : The class focuses more on sun salutation sequence as it has 12 basic yoga poses and also the intense pranayama. Besides, the class usually has a bit longer time for 2 hours and is ended by doing mantra meditation. You will hear the use of Sanskrit name all the way through in the class. 
  12. Vini Yoga ;  If you are looking for private practice to solve your health problem, find the vini yoga class or instructor. The practice is usually done in gentle. You will also be taught to focus on the process of your self-discovery or transformation. 
  13. Vinyasa Yoga :  I suggest you to try this yoga type if you have practiced yoga for 2-3 month regularly since the class has a fast paced movements controlled with the breath. 

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