Yoga Asana : Some Tips

Asanas range from simple, relaxing poses which can be held by people at all levels of ability to complex postures which push the limits of the practitioner's body. Typically, a yoga session involves running through a series of asanas and holding them for varying periods of time.
  • Asanas can be performed 8 hours after a meal, 2 hours after a glass of milk and one hour after eating fruit.
  • Asanas should always be performed early in the morning. If this is not possible, the next best time would be evening, around dusk.
  • The following should be avoided: rich food, very dry food, very hot food, left-overs, and over-eating.
  • Force or pressure should not be used while performing asanas.
  • One should not go out in the cold after performing asanas.Lower the head and other parts of the body slowly; in particular, raised heels should be lowered slowly.
  • The breathing should be controlled and always through the nose. The benefits of asanas increase if pranayama is performed simultaneously.If the body is stressed, perform shavasan (corpse pose).
  • Asanas should be performed in a well-lit, clean and ventilated room. The atmosphere should be peaceful.Light physical exercises, followed by asanas, pranayama and meditation is the ideal sequence.