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Yoga Poses to Increase Sex Power

Yoga is very beneficial in improving your sex life. Here are few reasons. Improved sensitivity Yoga helps in improving one's sensitivity. Its breathing exercises help a person overcome his anxiety and participate in sex with a fresh vigor. When a person is relieved from tension and stress, he/she will actively participate in sexual activity. Other than this yoga helps in improving better understanding of self and surrounding leaving a person more understanding and emphatic about other's need.
The postures that promise pleasure:
Yoga asanas like Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha Halasana, Matsyasana and Viprita Karani Sarvangasana Sirhasana are some of the postures that help in better sexual performance, lets dug out a few easy-to-do yoga movements that will help you gain a great sex life.
Contracting and releasing the muscles of pubic area
The most common sexual yoga exercise that is used to enhance libido and sexual gratification is a posture that one can do even while sitting in the office. Contract and release the muscles of your pubic area as if you want to stop the flow of urine. Experts say that they have seen many people reviving their sex lives with the help of this one simple exercise. It indeed helps to get more powerful orgasms. Alternately, while you are seated or are standing, contract and then release the pubococcygeus muscle located between the pubic bone and the tailbone, as if you wanted to stop the flow of urine. You can even do this at your desk, say, 10 times at three workday intervals. This is called the Mula Bandha in Sanskrit and is one of the most important postures to practice for a great orgasm. This one's for both your partner and you.
Deep breathing yoga technique
Have some more time on your hand? Try this: you can lie on the floor and put your legs against the wall. Focus on breathing properly. Do the deep breathing yoga technique where you inhale the air through your nose and exhale it out of your mouth. This exercise will help you feel re-energised and you will be able to enjoy sex without feeling tired. In addition, it will help to heighten the sensations. 
The simplest yogic breathing that will enhance your sex life is called balancing Pranayam. In this you will have to alternately breath through each of your nostrils. This helps to harness sexual power. Practice of yoga awakens the body senses to the extent that each body cell can experience the bliss of the partners' touch during the act. Yoga makes the core muscles flexible, as a result the body becomes more open and you can perform various postures while you make love, with complete ease. This naturally increases the pleasure. Practicing certain asanas will calm your mind, thus helping you focus and concentrate better. Multiple orgasms can then be a regular phenomenon. Yoga also helps partners to bond and the combined aura of the two of you will allow long-lasting sex. The following are some specific yoga postures which may help improve your sex life.
  • Lotus Position - Padamasana:
    • In this posture, the person sits cross-legged and feet are placed on opposite thighs. The appearance of the position resembles the lotus flower and hence the name.
  • Halasana:
    • The practitioner lies straight on the floor. Keeping legs together and straight, he raises the legs and takes them behind the head. Hands are kept firmly to the floor and parallel to the upper body. The name is derived from the word ` hala`, which means plow.
  • Uddiyana Bandhas:
    • It is done by pulling the abdomen inwards after exhaling all the air. While doing so, take a false inhale, hold your breath, pause and release the abdomen. This cycle of doing false inhale and complete exhale is repeated several times. Bandhas means internal lock. While doing this asana, the air is blocked to enter the lungs. Once the cycles are over, the lung receives fresh air.
  •  Shirshasana:
    • It is one of the very famous asana in which the practitioner stands on the head, supported just by forearms. This asana is also known as the king of all yoga asanas.
  • Viprita Karani:
    • To perform this asana, lie straight on the floor and raise legs perpendicular to the body.
  • Sarvangasana:
    • This is an interesting asana in which the entire weight of the body is put on the neck, the head, upper back and upper arms. The hands are held behind the back and slowly, the legs and the lower body is raised upward.


Anonymous said...

Acupressure on the points on both wrist 2 minutes each. This acupressure will boost up your sex power. because nerve of your wrist is connected with sex organs and if we acupressure in these points our sex organs will work more effectively